Create. Control. Catalyze.

2017 will be an exciting year for turntablists, DJs and musicians. From the creators of the MIDI Note Fader, a production ready version of the fretless fader concept (invented by John Beez), and a pioneer in Syntablism comes the Catalyst Controller.

We want you to get more out of your turntablist gear. Use Serato or Traktor? […]

Rane TTM56 MNF mod

It’s been a busy end of the year for us here at Skratchamental. Something noteworthy is this MIDI Note Fader mod we did in a Rane TTM56.

We kept all other mixer features intact. Upfaders were moved slightly outwards and down, and the LED indicators were sunken into the mixer so the crossfader can travel above […]

MIDI Note Fader Pro mod in a Vestax PMC06

We have done quite some work on the modding front again, we are more active on Facebook so join the MIDI Note Fader group there if you want to know all about the latest!

We are close to releasing MIDI Note Fader v2, which will have additional features to make your controller wishes come true 🙂

A […]

Some of my picks

Scratch DJs often get asked if they ‘only’ play hiphop tunes. Over the last 10 odd years or so I’ve seen and heard many turntablists, and perhaps their roots lie with hiphop but their playing style is typically quite eclectic.

Here’s some of my picks of different tunes that I like, all […]

All DMC Winners 1985 - 2009

I read a post on another blog a while back with all t he DMC winners in Audio format. A very cool idea, but as personally I get more visually inspired I decided to extend this thought to, what else, Youtube 🙂

So I took some time to put together a Playlist of all […]

Happy New Year!

If you can’t get your hands on some old English, grab some champagne and toast on your dead homies 🙂 and for those of you who haven’t seen ‘don’t be a menace’, have a great 2010, full of new cuts and freestyles!

Bubbly and a cooler

The Clocktave, underestimated?

Not just your everyday clock…

One thing I have always found a bit strange is that there hasn’t been that much buzz as I would have expected about the Clocktave. This is a very innovative concept by DJ Sjam where the ‘Clocktave record’ can be used to actually play melodies.

Personally I think it’s a brilliant […]

Hamster-style vs. Normal style

You might ask yourself wtf does a hamster have to do with turntablism?!? Well, hamster-style is a term that has gotten coined for using the X-fader in ‘reverse’.

A ‘normal’ setup has the x-fader working like this:

Normal X-fader curve

A Hamster-style set-up has it reversed, so the channels will act like this: