The Clocktave, underestimated?

Not just your everyday clock…

One thing I have always found a bit strange is that there hasn’t been that much buzz as I would have expected about the Clocktave. This is a very innovative concept by DJ Sjam where the ‘Clocktave record’ can be used to actually play melodies.

Personally I think it’s a brilliant […]

Some very nice scratching by Qbert

I think most turntablists will agree that DJ Qbert is amongst the great tablists of all time. With some guys, sometimes very technical cuts loose a bit of the ‘funkyness’ or the flow if you will. In my opinion Q does not have this most of the time because he is so versatile. […]

Hamster-style vs. Normal style

You might ask yourself wtf does a hamster have to do with turntablism?!? Well, hamster-style is a term that has gotten coined for using the X-fader in ‘reverse’.

A ‘normal’ setup has the x-fader working like this:

Normal X-fader curve

A Hamster-style set-up has it reversed, so the channels will act like this:

Always Coca-Cola

The fader-scene has seen some impressive innovations in the last decade or so. Better overall quality of components, light sensors used in faders (Stanton’s Focus Fader, Numark’s Infinity Fader etc.) and Rane came up with the magnetic non-contact fader. This video shows how you can use their faders wen you’re having a drink 🙂

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