Introducing: Catalyst Controller

Introducing: Catalyst Controller. The next step in Melodic Turntablism.

Catalyst Controller is the combined name for a suite of DJ-Gear solutions and add-ons for Turntablists, DJs and Musicians. In its core it will be available in these 3 forms:

  • Prebuilt units which are plug and play (as in the video)
  • Separate components like d.i.y. kits and custom firmware
  • Custom builds based on user needs
What does it do?

  • Catalyst controller’s biggest feature is the ability to control hardware as well as software (VST) Synths with tools familiar to turntablists: vinyl and x-fader movement
  • No samples. The actual sound can be manipulated and notes can be played giving the most natural sounding and flexible ’turntable’ instrument to date
  • It can play chords too (full feature spec will be available soon)

The video shows the first prototype which consists of 2 elements: a control panel (which can be placed on top of your mixer or next to it) and a x-fader housing. The firmware is based on MNF Pro mkii firmware with tons of extras. It is compatible with most MNF units, albeit in a limited fashion due to the extra controls in Catalyst.

Pre-orders will start at end of February! Pricing tba.

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