Delayed 2-click Flare or Boomerang

I will be adding the basics of scratching soon, as previously available on In the meanwhile here is a vid I did a while back on the delayed 2-click flare.

What’s in a name

Some people refer to this scratch as the boomerang scratch. I have read numerous discussions on this and have really […]

Turntablist Transcription Methodology

This section deals with turntablism notation. The Turntablist Transcription Methodology (TTM) is one of a few scratch-notation systems that have been invented. I have found that the TTM is […]

Autobahn scratch

Since Scratchlopedia Breaktannica came out this scratch has undoubtedly been the most discussed. How does it work? What is the pattern? It didn’t really help that the doubletime pattern on the DVD was actually a different pattern than the ‘regular’one. In any case, below my example of it (regular speed…) and I’ve added the transcription […]