Vinyl or the LP

In order to produce any sound on your turntable you need records! Some dudes who have got a lot of time on their hands use ‘cratedigging’ to get that different sound or just that sample that they were looking for. Luckily for the most of us somebody came up with the idea to put a […]

Gear 4 us

To most of you it will be clear by now that in order to be a DJ or turntablist you need a few things to get started.

Just to remind you, here’s a quick list:

2 turntables
1 mixer
A few records

As a turntablist you can’t just use ‘any’ turntable or ‘any’ mixer that’s out there. Much like a […]

History of Turntablism

Some sections that I wanted to include in Skratchamental either take up to much time to do properly myself, or have been done really good by somebody else. The latter is the case with the history of turntablism.

The Pedestrian organisation

Pedestrian is a non profit voluntary organisation that provides workshops, information, support and performance opportunities for […]


Turntablism, by some referred to as ‘the art of the Scratch DJ’. In my opinion the following definitions describe the terms the best:

Turntablist: ‘One who uses the phonograph turntable as component to make music as well as an instrument to literally play music.’ (Official International Turntablism Federation Newsletter, 1996)

Turntablism: ‘Manipulation of previously recorded track(s) to […]