MIDI Note Fader Pro mod in a Vestax PMC06

We have done quite some work on the modding front again, we are more active on Facebook so join the MIDI Note Fader group there if you want to know all about the latest!

We are close to releasing MIDI Note Fader v2, which will have additional features to make your controller wishes come true ๐Ÿ™‚

A […]

DJ Brace - 2016 DMC Online Final set using MIDI Note Fader

DJ Brace has built his own modded Vestax 06 driven by the MIDI Note Fader blueprint and Control Panel Software. In close collaboration we have customized the software to meet his needs and have the Rane 62 control some of the parameters… here is the result of his hard work and efforts for his 2016 […]

Midi Note Fader Mod introduction

Let me start of with stating that the idea of controlling pitch of the turntable by vertical motion is not new. In fact, JohnBeez introduced the Fretless Fader a couple of years back already. There are also other initiatives under the notion of Syntablism where timecode vinyl is used to control a synth or vst […]

Vinyl Movement & Fader Position Capturing

A couple of months ago I accidentally bumped into a project that some guys were running on capturing fader movement by using hacked x-faders. Although a very interesting initiative it still needs some extra hardware, and further development. At the same time, I also noticed the Turntable Surgeon tool. ย With some effort I was able […]

Always Coca-Cola

The fader-scene has seen some impressive innovations in the last decade or so. Better overall quality of components, light sensors used in faders (Stanton’s Focus Fader, Numark’s Infinity Fader etc.) and Rane came up with the magnetic non-contact fader. This video shows how you can use their faders wen you’re having a drink ๐Ÿ™‚

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Scratch Mixer Troubleshooting

There are several problems you can run into that relate to your mixer. Here I will discuss the most common ones that you might encounter […]

Scratch Mixer Basics

Really simplistically speaking, at least regarding turntablism, the mixer is mainly used to turn the sound on and off. You can achieve this by using different […]

Scratch Mixer Terminology

Depending on what kind of mixer you’ve got there can be a lot of buttons, switches and faders. Since it is impossible to describe […]

The Battle Mixer

So what is a good mixer to use for scratching? Although a mixer needs less tuning than a turntable when you want to scratch, there are still a few things you should keep […]

Gear 4 us

To most of you it will be clear by now that in order to be a DJ or turntablist you need a few things to get started.

Just to remind you, here’s a quick list:

2 turntables
1 mixer
A few records

As a turntablist you can’t just use ‘any’ turntable or ‘any’ mixer that’s out there. Much like a […]