Delayed 2-click Flare or Boomerang

I will be adding the basics of scratching soon, as previously available on In the meanwhile here is a vid I did a while back on the delayed 2-click flare.

What’s in a name

Some people refer to this scratch as the boomerang scratch. I have read numerous discussions on this and have really […]

Turntablist Transcription Methodology

This section deals with turntablism notation. The Turntablist Transcription Methodology (TTM) is one of a few scratch-notation systems that have been invented. I have found that the TTM is […]

Site additions

I have converted more content and rewritten some parts of the old site. An interesting bit that is always useful (especially when preparing a battle-set) is on the usage of stickers on your vinyl.

Also have a look on how Kentaro uses his stickers below…

Turntablism Gear Tips 'n' Tricks

Here you will find some topics related to your gear that can be of interest. Some are especially useful for turntablists, others for DJ’s in general.

Marking samples

In order to be precise during scratching it’s good to have a point of reference on your record so you know exactly where a certain sound starts. Let’s say […]

Vinyl Troubleshooting

Most problems involving records are due to bent/warped records. A bent scratch-record is useless. To my knowledge the bending occurs mostly due to:

the usage of shrink-wrapping
prolonged exposure to a hot sun or some other heat source

So is it possible to get a record straight again? Some solutions I have encountered are:

playing the bent record and […]

Vinyl or the LP

In order to produce any sound on your turntable you need records! Some dudes who have got a lot of time on their hands use ‘cratedigging’ to get that different sound or just that sample that they were looking for. Luckily for the most of us somebody came up with the idea to put a […]

Turntable Troubleshooting

There are several problems you can run into that relate to your turntables. Here I will discuss the most common ones that you might encounter as a (starting) turntablist.

Needle keeps skipping

A few reasons that could cause your needles to skip:

Using needles that are not sufficiently ‘broken in’
Applying too much tracking force
The spindle hole in your […]

Basic Techniques on handling the Turntable

It is important to remember that even the best adjustment tips will not make a difference if you do not have a good ‘feel’ for the record. Every needle will skip eventually if you are banging away on the vinyl. I normally use two or three fingers to control the vinyl: ring, middle and index […]

Turntable Terminology

Because there is a lot to know about a turntable I have made a list of the more common parts. They are accompanied by a brief description and tips for adjustment or usage.


In general we can distinguish 3 different tone-arm models:

The S-shaped tone-arm
The J-shaped tone-arm
The straight tone-arm

The S or J-shaped can be found on most […]

The Almighty Turntable

One of the key things that you have to keep in mind when you do your turntablism stuff is the adjustment of your gear. Especially the turntable that you’re using has to been tuned perfectly. If this is not the case than you’ll encounter all kinds of unwanted things, mostly being skipping needles.

A regular turntable […]