All DMC Winners 1985 - 2009

I read a post on another blog a while back with all t he DMC winners in Audio format. A very cool idea, but as personally I get more visually inspired I decided to extend this thought to, what else, Youtube 🙂

So I took some time to put together a Playlist of all the DMC Championship winners to date. I will write some short comments below as well, but in general I’ll let the vids do the talking.

Comments and list of winners so far

If you have any interesting facts on any of these, please comment. For now I just state the year, name (possible crew) and country of the winners.

1985 – Roger Johnson – UK

This one is missing from the video playlist as it has actually not been recorded as far as I can tell from various sources, including the DMC World site. It was the very first DMC championship, held in London.

1986 – DJ Cheese – USA

DJ Cheese was the frist to bring actual scratching into the battles. Supposedly one of the runners up, Orland Voorn, took the mic from Tony Prince and yelled, quote from DMC site, “What is this, a Mixing Competition or a Scratching Competition?”. Rumour has it that Tony kicked him off the stage right after.

1987 – Chad Jackson – UK

Yes, this is the same guy who later came with ‘Hear the drummer get wicked’.

1988 – DJ Cash Money – USA

Helped promote and invent the transformer scratch. Jazzy Jeff is known to be the first one transforming.

1989 – Cutmaster Swift – UK

1990 – DJ David – Germany

1991 – DJ David – Germany

Turned into a somewhat epic performance with the coke-cans and the dazzling b-boy move at the end 🙂

1992 – Rocksteady DJs -Mix Master Mike, DJ Q-Bert, and DJ Apollo – USA

Q-Bert and Mix Master Mike (MMM) step on the scene. First year that a crew could actually win the competition. In later years there will be separate team events.

1993/1994 – Dreamteam – Mix Master Mike and DJ Q-Bert – USA

There was only one event in these 2 years.

1995 – Roc Raida – X-Ecutioners – USA

Roc has passed away in 2009, R.I.P.

1996 – DJ Noize – Denmark

1997 – DJ A-Trak – Canada

The youngest ‘kid’ ever to become DMC world champion at 15. Hear how Tony Prince mispronounces his name afterwards as A-Train lol. A-Trak is now Kanye West’s tour DJ.

1998 – DJ Craze (USA)

1999 – DJ Craze (USA)

2000 – DJ Craze (USA)

2001 – Plus One – Scratch Perverts – UK

2002 – DJ Kentaro – Japan

2003 – Dopey – Canada
2004 – ie.Merg – USA
2005 – ie.Merg – USA
2006 – Netik – France
2007 – Rafik – Germany

Probably most famous for the Autobahn scratch haha.

2008 – DJ Fly – France
2009 – DJ Shiftee – USA

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