History of Turntablism

Some sections that I wanted to include in Skratchamental either take up to much time to do properly myself, or have been done really good by somebody else. The latter is the case with the history of turntablism.

The Pedestrian organisation

Pedestrian is a non profit voluntary organisation that provides workshops, information, support and performance opportunities for young people. In the emerging artform of ‘Turntablism’.
Their workshops range from informal Jam sessions to formal musical training, provided by a diverse range of professional tutors. read more…

Turntablism, from 1900 to today

DJ Markski from the Pedestrian organisation wrote an indepth paper that gives the best overview of turntablism thru the years I have seen to date. ‘the “History of Turntablism” provides an insight into the events that led to the creation and evolution of turntablism, from 1900 to today‘. read more…

Thanks to Pedestrian and Markski for making this collaboration possible.

Pedestrian logo

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