The Almighty Turntable

One of the key things that you have to keep in mind when you do your turntablism stuff is the adjustment of your gear. Especially the turntable that you’re using has to been tuned perfectly. If this is not the case than you’ll encounter all kinds of unwanted things, mostly being skipping needles.

A regular turntable is meant to treat your records as good as possible. In effect prolonging the lifespan of your vinyl and your needle. If you’re a turntablist it’s better that you put these ideas aside. Think about the race-car driver who will not be to worried about his tires getting worn out either.

Getting a good turntable that will live up to your needs means that you have to be willing to pay the cash! Most cheaper models do not let you adjust the tone-arm or it is not rigid altogether. Furthermore the torque will probably not be high enough to let you scratch without worries.

A turntablist tries to create a new sound by using the turntable. Usually you will use a specific part of your record from where you use the sound (a sample) and manipulate this sound by employing for instance scratching. To do this it is imperative that your needle stays in the right groove of your record. In the Terminology section I will describe how you can achieve this.

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