Some very nice scratching by Qbert

I think most turntablists will agree that DJ Qbert is amongst the great tablists of all time. With some guys, sometimes very technical cuts loose a bit of the ‘funkyness’ or the flow if you will. In my opinion Q does not have this most of the time because he is so versatile. […]

Scratch Mixer Terminology

Depending on what kind of mixer you’ve got there can be a lot of buttons, switches and faders. Since it is impossible to describe […]

All that Scratching is making me itch

‘Scratching… what is it?’. This is a sentence that can be found on a lot of battle breaks. It’s a reference to the fact that most people who have never really tried to scratch might think that it […]


Turntablism, by some referred to as ‘the art of the Scratch DJ’. In my opinion the following definitions describe the terms the best:

Turntablist: ‘One who uses the phonograph turntable as component to make music as well as an instrument to literally play music.’ (Official International Turntablism Federation Newsletter, 1996)

Turntablism: ‘Manipulation of previously recorded track(s) to […]