Some very nice scratching by Qbert

I think most turntablists will agree that DJ Qbert is amongst the great tablists of all time. With some guys, sometimes very technical cuts loose a bit of the ‘funkyness’ or the flow if you will. In my opinion Q does not have this most of the time because he is so versatile. […]

All that Scratching is making me itch

‘Scratching… what is it?’. This is a sentence that can be found on a lot of battle breaks. It’s a reference to the fact that most people who have never really tried to scratch might think that it […]

Turntablism Gear Tips 'n' Tricks

Here you will find some topics related to your gear that can be of interest. Some are especially useful for turntablists, others for DJ’s in general.

Marking samples

In order to be precise during scratching it’s good to have a point of reference on your record so you know exactly where a certain sound starts. Let’s say […]

Vinyl or the LP

In order to produce any sound on your turntable you need records! Some dudes who have got a lot of time on their hands use ‘cratedigging’ to get that different sound or just that sample that they were looking for. Luckily for the most of us somebody came up with the idea to put a […]

The Almighty Turntable

One of the key things that you have to keep in mind when you do your turntablism stuff is the adjustment of your gear. Especially the turntable that you’re using has to been tuned perfectly. If this is not the case than you’ll encounter all kinds of unwanted things, mostly being skipping needles.

A regular turntable […]

Gear 4 us

To most of you it will be clear by now that in order to be a DJ or turntablist you need a few things to get started.

Just to remind you, here’s a quick list:

2 turntables
1 mixer
A few records

As a turntablist you can’t just use ‘any’ turntable or ‘any’ mixer that’s out there. Much like a […]


Turntablism, by some referred to as ‘the art of the Scratch DJ’. In my opinion the following definitions describe the terms the best:

Turntablist: ‘One who uses the phonograph turntable as component to make music as well as an instrument to literally play music.’ (Official International Turntablism Federation Newsletter, 1996)

Turntablism: ‘Manipulation of previously recorded track(s) to […]