The Battle Mixer

So what is a good mixer to use for scratching? Although a mixer needs less tuning than a turntable when you want to scratch, there are still a few things you should keep in mind.

Mixers come in all shapes and sizes but for turntablism it is best to use specialized models called ‘battle’ mixers. Some aren’t specifically called that way but are still used for the same purpose: turntablism.

A typical good turntablism (or battle-mixer) offers at least the following:

  • 2 line-faders with curve-adjust
  • A long-lasting x-fader with curve-adjust
  • A hamster-switch
  • 2 phono/line switches
  • 2-way Eq. adjust

In my opinion these are the bare essentials and should give you enough possibilities to start of with.

As with the turntable, for a good mixer you have to be willing to pay the cash as well! Most cheaper models do not offer curve-adjust on the faders. I have found that models that do not at least offer curve-adjust for the x-fader have a x-fader that is not suitable for scratching anyway.

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