Basic Techniques on handling the Turntable

It is important to remember that even the best adjustment tips will not make a difference if you do not have a good ‘feel’ for the record. Every needle will skip eventually if you are banging away on the vinyl. I normally use two or three fingers to control the vinyl: ring, middle and index finger. Experiment with different variations. You’ll notice that with some variations you are able to control the vinyl more precise whereas other variations allow you to be faster. The hand that controls the vinyl is referred to as theĀ vinylhand.

In the end it doesn’t really matter how you do it but keep in mind that you are trying to move your record back and forth under your needle. Do not press down on the record more than necessary as this will cause your needle to skip more easily.

Fast backspin

In the beginning you might experience difficulties pulling you record back to the beginning of a beat (when beat-juggling), when this has to be done quickly. I used to grip the record in the middle near the spindle and pull it back to the beginning of a beat. This can only be done at a moderate speed

A better technique is to rapidly pull back on the record causing it to spin back even when you’re not touching it anymore (back-spin). When the beginning of the beat comes into place you quickly take hold of the record again, this allows you to control when the beat starts again in a tight way. Because these are 2 fast movements you can juggle faster if you practic

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