Turntablism Gear Tips 'n' Tricks

Here you will find some topics related to your gear that can be of interest. Some are especially useful for turntablists, others for DJ’s in general.

Marking samples

In order to be precise during scratching it’s good to have a point of reference on your record so you know exactly where a certain sound starts. Let’s say […]

Vinyl Troubleshooting

Most problems involving records are due to bent/warped records. A bent scratch-record is useless. To my knowledge the bending occurs mostly due to:

the usage of shrink-wrapping
prolonged exposure to a hot sun or some other heat source

So is it possible to get a record straight again? Some solutions I have encountered are:

playing the bent record and […]

Butter Rug D.I.Y.

If I remember correctly some guy posted this on the old Scratchcon boards. A couple of years ago they went offline but I kept this, it is a description on how to make your own Butter Rugs. I have never tried it, but if you fancy a little arts & crafts, have a go.

Prototype of […]