Vinyl or the LP

In order to produce any sound on your turntable you need records! Some dudes who have got a lot of time on their hands use ‘cratedigging’ to get that different sound or just that sample that they were looking for. Luckily for the most of us somebody came up with the idea to put a lot of cool parts (samples) from loads of different records together on one record: the Battle Break was born. Battle breaks are made especially made for turntablists to make scratching, juggling and turntablism in general a little more pleasant.

To be able to ‘make’ music you have to know where a specific sound is located on your record. When using multiple sounds, most sounds won’t be close together, or even on the same record. In this case you will have to move the needle from groove to groove, or change records. In the Tips ‘n’ Tricks section you will find some tips on how you can do this quicker in a variety of ways. Some other things you can do with your records will also be discussed there.

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